Why you shouldn’t sleep with your makeup on

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Woman sleeping on a mattress with her makeup on

Riya is a celebrity makeup artist and when it comes to the no makeup look, she’s a crackerjack. But it wasn’t always like that. There was a time when she wore so much makeup that the undergrowth in the Amazon rainforest probably saw more sunlight than her skin did. But over the years she learnt a few things about the art and etiquette of dolling up. One of them being the cardinal rule of makeup and skin-care: never ever go to bed without washing your makeup off! Here are some reasons why.


The truth about clogged pores

Wonder why on some days your skin looks radiant and on others, your face looks like a ravaged battlefield? The answer is clogged pores. When you don’t remove your makeup before bed, it embeds itself into the pores, clogging them. In addition, “makeup can actually stretch the pore and make it look bigger,” says Dr. David Orentreich, M.D., a dermatologist with Clinique[1]. Clogged, oversized pores don’t make for a glowing skin. By removing makeup before bed your pores remain clean and healthy.


A woman’s biggest enemy – pimples

When you sleep with a full face of makeup, your skin tends to accumulate bacteria, debris and oil. These settle in your pores causing inflammatory acne. Also, your skin can’t shed dead cells properly and this again clogs the pores, ultimately causing hideous breakouts.


About wrinkles and crinkles

Wake up looking all haggard some mornings? Alcohol is the usual suspect. But it isn’t always the only culprit. “Sleeping in your makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals (which makeup attracts during the day), leading to collagen breakdown and making skin age faster,” says Dr. James C. Marotta, Facial Plastic Surgeon and Skincare Expert.[2] Why speed up that unsavoury process of aging, if you can help it?


Parting thoughts and shots

Wearing makeup is not a guilty pleasure anymore. It’s your birthright. And yes, it is tempting to pass out without removing your makeup, especially after indulging in one too many cocktails or a long day at work. But not at the cost of your skin screaming bloody murder the next morning. The trick is to embrace your birthright while following a healthy skin regimen.


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