To bed or not to bed, dog owners to decide

lady with dog

Dogs have a serious effect on the way you sleep. And we’re not just talking about scrolling through doggo memes while under the covers. We’re talking about how having your fluffy one in bed enhances or degrades your sleep quality. The following few scrolls will show you why to and why not let your beloved canine into bed.


Why to…




That warm and fuzzy feeling

You sleep better when you’re more comfortable. And snuggling up to a dog adds nothing but comfort as you slumber. Especially if it’s cold or your AC’s chill game is strong. Your doggo’s body temperature is about 3-6 degrees higher than yours. Wouldn’t you want to have a comforter that lulls you to sleep, keeps you warm, and loves you back when you get up?


They make you feel secure

Brain chemistry? Isn’t it supposed to be biology? Well, a lot of hormones (which are essentially chemicals) aid in stabilizing your mental state. Touching and petting your furry pals helps raise the levels of oxytocin (let’s just call it the cuddle chemical). This relaxes your mind, rids it of anxiety, and establishes trust, making you sleep better.


It makes them happy

And happiness is contagious. We always give them what they want. Even letting them sleep in our bed. What makes them feel loved and secure is also what compels them to be around, and attempt to make you feel the same. And those attempts don’t ever go in vain. A philosophical way to put it is that they give more meaning to life. And that calm is what would make you sleep like a baby.


Why not to…




They may disrupt your sleep

Yes, dogs in your bed can break your sleepover and over. In fact, in a study conducted by Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Centre, they figured that 53% of the participants got repeatedly disturbed in their sleep by their furry friends. So, depending on how frantic your pet is in bed, its presence may lead to sleep deprivation.


They make you cough and sneeze

If you have allergies, asthma, bronchitis, or any kind of breathing disorder; experts say that you should keep your pet out of your bedroom entirely. You don’t want to be waking up sneezing or feeling asphyxiated now, do you?


They can dry up the romance

If you’re married or live in with your lover; the snuggling, holding, and touching are needed to keep the spark alive. However, if a fluff ball keeps coming in between, it may end up distancing you as a couple. As much as you’d love to have a little piece of fluffiness around, it will spoil the intimate time with your lover.


Nope. No one’s winning, really.

If you’re thinking the score of letting doggo in vs keeping doggo out is 4:3, let me tell you that no one’s winning. If you’re single, don’t have any breathing disorders, and are generally a deep sleeper; go right ahead and snuggle with doggo. But if not, you may have to weigh your decisions. What you can also do is invest in a mattress that keeps the bacteria out, controls temperature and, to boot, lets you sleep like a baby. The choice is yours.

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