Their marriage was almost over. How she saved it?

Married couple having issues

Rishi and Meera had been married five years now. Things weren’t going well. Gaping cavities had opened up throughout the fabric of their marriage. He was among the thousands clamouring to make it in tinsel town. But in the four years since they’d moved from the unhurried life of Varanasi to the madness of Mumbai, he’d bagged only nine acting gigs. All of them bit roles in sappy soap operas. His unwillingness to give up on his festering dream and Sarah’s inadequate salary had merged together and become a bone of contention between them. Maximum city had minimized their love.


The mattress and marriage theorem

Although years of arguments had worn their bond thin, underneath the heap of their dissatisfactions, it still existed. And Meera wanted to revive this bond. She remembered how effortlessly they used to melt into each other’s arms and tumble into bed. Yes, the bedroom would be a good place to spark the dying embers of their love story. She scanned it now and her gaze settled on the mattress. A saggy, torn affair that squeaked and creaked alternately depending on the pressure applied to it. They’d bought it a year after they moved in. It had been their refuge from the world then. Their private island of love. Now it looked old and frayed; shrunken with their collective weight. A lot like their relationship. Could Meera somehow renew the mattress and in effect, their relationship?


Winds of change

Only something extraordinary could manage a feat like that. So Meera bought a Smart Topper. She snapped it on the old mattress and voila! It looked as good as new. She flung herself on the bed and was elated to find that it even felt new. Yes, it did still squeak and creak but she hardly heard it. She was busy basking in the comfort of the Smart Topper. That evening when Rishi came home he found Meera drinking tea in bed, while Kishore Kumar belted out romantic numbers in the background. Another cup of steaming tea was sitting on the bedside table. Forgotten feelings were stretching across time and reaching out. He hesitated just a few moments before he picked up the teacup with shaky hands and went and sat next to his wife. The next moment they were doubled up with laughter. Neither knew who had started first or why they were laughing. It was just like old times.


The proper showstopper – The Smart Topper

The Smart Topper


It wasn’t the Smart Topper that salvaged Rishi and Meera’s marriage. It was the effort they made and the feelings that were alive in their dying relationship. But the Smart Topper gave them the pretext they both were desperately seeking. Why wouldn’t it? After all, it’s a 1.5-inch layer of awesomeness engineered to deliver. It gives a facelift to any old mattress. All you have to do is snap it right on. Also, it’s treated with technologies that make it spill-repellent and super hygienic. And even if you spill on it or stain it somehow, don’t worry, it’s clean in just a wipe of an absorbent towel. Here’s the clincher though. It comes in three variants to suit your individual preference: firm, medium and plush. All these features are enough to make it the showstopper in any bedroom. In Rishi and Meera’s bedroom though, it restarted the intricate marriage machinery. Buy an amazing mattress topper just like Rishi and Meera’s online in India here.

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