The future of sleep

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Future of sleep

Imagine living in an endless state of dream. A highly customised happy dream, tailor-made to mirror your personal utopia. It brings to mind the 2001 psychological thriller, Vanilla Sky. In the movie, Tommy (Tom Cruise) buys a Lucid Dream from a company called Life Extension. The Lucid Dream lets a person eternally dream an alternative life, while his body remains in a cryonized state. It’s a sci-fi movie and the plot is ultra-futuristic. But it’s fodder for thought about what the future of technology holds. Specifically, sleep technology (as by happy accident you happen to be reading the SleepX blog).


From sleeping on piles of leaves to engineered-for-NASA memory foam, we’ve come a long way. Makes you wonder what’s next. Will technology revolutionize our snooze time? These predictions will give you a sneak peek into the future of sleep.




Float away to sleep

We’re talking magnetic floating beds. Much like Aladdin’s magic carpet, these beds (that are an evolution of the suspension bed), float high above the floor and are held in place by a magnetic force. As crazy as they sound, they’re sure to give you a truly elevated sleep experience. Quite literally.


Mattresses that clean themselves

Shut the front door? Your reaction is predictable but the truth is mattresses of the future are predicted to clean themselves. A lot of the weight of your mattress is made of debris, dead skin and dust mites. Disgusting! Imagine mattresses that could sterilize themselves using technology similar to the modern vacuum cleaner. We definitely can’t wait for these babies. What we don’t have to wait for though is a super hygienic mattress that keeps the dust mites, bacteria, fungi away and can even be a reason for celebration. We’ve got the Fusion Mattress.


Augmented ZZZs with augmented reality screens

Beds from the future could come with built-in screens & speakers, and would project anything from your favourite movie to your social media feeds to a near-perfect rendition of the starry night sky. These beds would give you the feeling of slumbering in the clouds. Or should we say, under them?


So picture your future bedroom. A plush levitating bed with the cleanest mattress that ever was under the canopy of a romantic star-studded sky. Does the thought in parts tantalize and in parts excite you?  The future of sleep looks bright. Sweet dreams.

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