The bedsheet with superpowers – the Super Sheet

SleepX four-side fitted bedsheet - Super Sheet

Sheila and her 10-year-old daughter Priya were always locking horns off late. Be it her grades at school or her devil-may-care attitude towards life, Sheila couldn’t understand anything about her daughter. What bothered her most of all was how disorganised Priya’s life was. Especially her bedroom. Every morning it looked like a cyclone had passed through it. The bed was like a ravaged battlefield with the quilt lying on the floor and the bedsheet come undone. Surprisingly a lone soldier was responsible for all the damage. What could she do to change Priya’s ways and renew their bond at the same time?


Chocolate cake: the answer to all questions

Sheila thought long and hard about it and decided a sweet surprise may thaw Priya. And she knew exactly what would delight her daughter. Nothing made Priya happier than wolfing down her mother’s signature chocolate cake. It always struck her sweet spot (or sweet tooth to be more precise). But that wasn’t enough. Sheila needed something else that would be the icing on the cake. Like a present tinged with a mothers love and yet practical enough to be of use. The idea struck her like lightning.


The icing on the cake

Chocolate cake with yummy icing


Four days later, when Priya came home from school, she could jump for joy. Sitting on the dining table was her favourite chocolate cake. It looked drool-worthy. Before she knew it she was stuffing her face with a brick-sized piece. After amply satisfying herself she made her way up to her bedroom. At first, she thought she had entered her mother’s bedroom. Could the sugar high have disoriented her? But no, this was her very own private pigsty. But now it looked fit for a human (even one who had just pigged out on a chocolate cake). It looked spic and span. And the best part about it was the inviting bedsheet on her bed – the Super Sheet. Just then her mother entered her bedroom and hugged her from behind. Priya melted into her arms and the wall of ice between them shattered to bits.


The beauty of Super Sheet

Like the froth in a delicious cappuccino, the Super Sheet completed Priya’s surprise. It also became a part of the bridge that connected mother and daughter. The cyclone returned after a few days as Priya went back to her old ways but the Super Sheet stayed put on her bed. Why wouldn’t it? It’s the most comfortable, four-side fitted bedsheet that snaps right on to your mattress and stays there. That’s not all though. It’s made of stretchable performance fabric that’s crease-free and has the most luxurious feel. Here’s the best part. Whether you live in the Himalayas or the Thar desert, the Super Sheet is made for you, as it’s designed for extreme Indian climates. With all its superpowers this bedsheet is sure to slay it in your bedroom. It certainly did so in Priya’s.


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