Break old habits. Choose A New You.

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If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. But sometimes it throws other ingredients. Like taxes, bills, bullying bosses (bullying wives if it’s more fitting), existential angst, insect phobias, cheating boyfriends or sexuality crises. Yes, it’s all too familiar. Life is a constant scramble. A scramble to get to work. A scramble to ace at work. A scramble to live the life you always wanted. A scramble to cut out the noise. A scramble to step out of the rut. And sometimes, a scramble to breathe. How do you keep yourself from turning into a scrambled egg?


Break the old you

Just break out and break free. How? Break the habit of hitting the snooze button. Escape lazy sleeping patterns. Wake up early and watch the sunrise. Better still, earn the breathtaking view by going for a jog before sunrise. Shatter stereotypes and do things differently. Embrace change. Become A New You.


Discover A New You

And that’s exactly what the SleepX products are engineered to do – license a new version of yourself. Each SleepX product is thoughtfully conceptualised and crafted to give you restorative sleep. Whether it’s the Fusion Mattress, the Ace Mattress, the Smart Topper, the Flexi Pillow, the Adaptiv Comforter or the Super Sheet, every product is a blend of next-level technology and expert craftsmanship, besides being the most comfortable bedding in the world. So, when you use it you find yourself transformed. Each morning you bounce off your bed ready to break new ground. You become A New You.


Cheers to A New You

So here’s to a better you that goes the extra mile, even for strangers. To a calmer you that holds your own amidst chaos. To a happier you that’s elated watching the sunrise. To a sharper you that discerns the grey between the black and white. A fitter you who’s mindful of every breath. To a wilder you that takes the road less taken. To a tougher you that weathers the storm without batting an eye. Here’s to A New You.

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