Sleep Gears To Make Sleep On-board A Sure-shot

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Whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip, travelling longer distances can be a memorable experience for you only if it is hassle-free, full of comfort and peaceful. Not many people are born travel savvy; and it is something that develops with frequent on-board experiences. An inadequate eye-shut is a perennial challenge for many and they may miss home badly. But little do they know that the right selection of certain sleep products can make long- haul journeys a lot easier and pleasurable.

Here we have curated a list of the best sleep products that can help you in having a good sleep while travelling to your favourite destinations.


Noise-cutting ear plugs

The flight cabins are noisy; and you are stuck in the middle seat on a flight, with your snoring spouse at one side and a croaking frog at the other. Getting a sleep seems to be near impossible then. Here is when you can use noise-cutting earplugs which would help you to catch more winks by cutting outside noise. So next time you embark on the journey to a new place, don’t forget to pack noise-cutting earplugs in your handbag. They can be your best travelling companions.


Sleep eye mask

eye mask | SleepX

Every travel situation requires a unique set of tools. Whether you’re going on a road trip, travelling by train or flying abroad, one thing that remains common is the light that seeps from the glass windows and falls directly on your face. Bright lights can hijack your sleep and can keep you awake throughout the journey. If you’re the one who adores complete darkness while sleeping, a sleep eye mask is the best choice for you. Black-out masks or sleep eye masks cut-off cabin’ and outside light and help you sleep comfortably.


Neck pillow

Many of us have experienced a crick in the neck after sleeping in a bus or flight without proper support to the neck and head. On the other hand, frequent travelers swear by their travel neck pillows. The U-shaped neck pillows are designed to rest your head and neck at the right angle so that you can sleep well while travelling to a distant location.



comforter | blanket | SleepX

If you are a frequent traveler, you are aware that it’s impossible to get the comfort of your home while travelling. Generally, airlines maintain a low and although they may provide you with blankets and pillows, you may not want to snuggle in something that has been used by someone else, previously. Don’t forget to carry a personal comforter that suits your body type and makes your travel experience cosy.

So next time you travel to a new place and want to keep your energy up for sightseeing and business dealings, don’t forget to pack these sleeping aids in your carry-on bag.

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