Poor sleep may be the reason why you didn’t get that promotion

Man tired at work due to sleep deprivation

Some days we go to work all guns blazing and on a few others, we drag ourselves to work. Ever wondered why this is? It could be due to sleep deprivation. Here are some ways in which inadequate shut-eye can affect your productivity.


Less sleep = Poor performance = Decreased productivity

Find yourself stuck in a groove while working? Tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again? This could be because of the few hours of less sleep you got the night before. Sleep deprivation affects you adversely, resulting in decreased vigilance and hence slower response time. Moreover, your overall level of functionality declines and you find yourself unable to cope with your workload.


Communication gap

Skimping on sleep can stop you from getting a clear message across. In a recent study researchers found that sleep-deprived individuals tend to drop the intensity of their voices; pause for long intervals while talking; tend to mumble instructions; mispronounce and are unable to articulate. They end up repeating themselves or losing the thread mid-conversation.[1]


Mood fluctuations

Do you feel that you are always on edge on certain days? Want to lash out at colleagues at the slightest provocation? Yes, it’s got to do with not getting enough sleep.  Individuals who don’t get enough sleep are usually laconic and socially withdrawn. But they are also prone to sudden outbursts that could spiral out of control. If not nipped in the bud, it’s a short slide from such workplace mishaps to HR nightmares.


Decreased memory

Keep forgetting things at work? Poor sleep directly affects your short-term and work memory.  This results in unfavourably affecting your ability to develop and update strategies based on new information. Also, it becomes difficult to remember the temporal sequence of events.[1]


Adaptability Issues

A person who’s not had enough shut-eye finds himself incapable of flexible thinking. He finds it difficult to retain thoughts and actions. His faculties of innovation and thinking are impacted negatively. This affects his competency on the whole and he often can’t fit into leadership roles.


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