Peculiar sleeping habits around the world

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When Haruto and Riku moved from Japan to India, they were in for a serious culture shock. Seeing cows sashay down busy roads with uber swagger sent Haruto into a tizzy. Riku was utterly confused by the taxi drivers vying for his attention. Even when he’d just stepped out of the cab. But their trials were nothing compared to the bewilderment of the locals when Haruto spread himself out on a bench at a bus stop and started snoring in seconds. Riku topped that by dozing, leaning against a tree in a park.


Weird much? Not at all. What seems to you like a departure from tradition is very much in keeping with the Japanese cultural tradition of inemuri, which means “to be asleep while present”. Dozing in public is a common sight in Japan and is taken as a sign that the person is beat from working hard, but still wants to be a part of his social surroundings.


And if you thought only Japan has peculiar sleeping habits, you’ll be quite confounded by the time you’re done reading this post. Screw your head on tight.


Sleep tight with a worry doll: Guatemala

Guatemalan worry dolls


Worry dolls are tiny, colourful dolls dressed in traditional Mayan attire. In Guatemala, they believe that if you are sad or worried, you just have to place a worry doll under your pillow and go to sleep. Legend has it that when you wake up next morning, all your worries will have been taken away by your worry doll. So, worry not if worry doll you got. Got yours yet?


Sleeping in your birthday suit: United Kingdom

According to research conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, one-third of the people surveyed in the UK reported sleeping naked. Yes, without a stitch on. But the Brits are on to something here because sleeping without clothes helps in better temperature regulation. Thinking of losing the PJs tonight?


Sleeping with your cute canine: America

A large part of America goes to sleep with their furry friends. While there are conflicting theories about its benefits (read our blog post, To bed or not to bed, dog owners decide, to know more), surveys suggest that over 70% pet owners in America share their beds with their cuddly canines.


Outdoor napping for babies: Norway

In Norway, it’s a common sight to see a child sleeping in a stroller while the parents are M.I.A. Parents believe that letting their kids breathe fresh air while they are sleeping strengthens their immunity. Disclaimer: please don’t try this in India for fear of losing your precious, little one.

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