How to beat post-lunch drowsiness

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Post-lunch sleepiness

Murthi is your typical corporate busy bee, trying to climb the corporate ladder and master the art of corporate living. He comes to office at sharp nine every day and slays it at work. Come lunchtime he dashes to the nearest restaurant and wolfs down the most delicious and greasy affair on the menu. He stalks back to his office, (dare he skimp on productive work time), slips into his chair, facing his all-efficient machine and is back in work mode. A little later he’s stifling yawns and feeling sluggish. And a while after that, he’s softly snoring slumped on his desk, as if it were the most comfortable bedding in the world.


Murthi is not alone. In fact, most office-goers are known to feel a slump in energy levels post lunch. The circadian rhythm (body clock in lay terms) is the usual suspect. It controls when you sleep and wake up. There’s a natural lull in the rhythm that occurs around lunchtime and makes people sleepy. Your meal is also one of the likely culprits. Blood sugar levels rise when you start processing your food and as they gradually drop, your energy starts to flag. Here are a few ways to beat the post-lunch lethargy. 


A walk around the block

A brisk walk after lunch could go a long way in taming the fatigue beast. Not only will it pep you up, but also rid your mind of all the work clutter. Else, you could try doing some stretches or push-ups at your workplace (a sure-fire way to up your swag quotient). Round these up with a few breathing exercises to pump up the oxygen levels in the blood and boost energy.


A fruit a day keeps the fatigue away

Lose the sugary treats you eat post lunch. Yes, sweets do give you the proverbial sugar high but it wears off quickly leaving you sapped. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, try something more natural like a fruit.


H2O is the way to go

Whether it’s your skin or lips, hydration can’t be stressed on enough. So telling you to keep your body hydrated is a no-brainer. Sleepiness is a sign of dehydration. So, to beat off the lethargy chug loads of water.


Power nap so you don’t feel sapped

Offices around the world are making nap rooms for their employees so they can take short in-between-work naps. Sleeping at work may feature at the top of your office-no-nos list but taking a short rejuvenating nap after lunch can actually help you be more productive.

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