Sleeping pods for power naps

Most office goers find themselves spending most of their waking hours being obsessed with work. If you’re reading this mid-day and your eyes are starting to droop, you’re not alone. Research has found that we could all benefit from a quick afternoon snooze to restore our energies and keep us alert for the rest of day. Insufficient sleep affects daily activities, with implications extending beyond health. Lack of sleep among the U.S. workforce is estimated to cost approximately $411 billion with a loss of 1.2 million working days per year, a new study has found. The study[1] titled ‘Why sleep matters – the economic costs of insufficient sleep’, was conducted by researchers at non-profit organisation RAND Europe and is the first-of-its-kind to quantify the economic impact of sleep deprivation.


The best way to maintain your health and work ethic is, of course, to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. Along with this, another measure is to power nap during the day (20 to 30 minutes). While napping on the job was once grounds for getting fired, it is now being actively encouraged in offices as a means to increase employee productivity. Some companies are even capitalising on the trend. MetroNaps, for instance, manufactures EnergyPods (napping chairs) which are specifically designed for office use. Since its founding in 2003, MetroNaps has sold nap pods to high-profile companies such as Google, Cisco, and Procter & Gamble. 


Companies are realising that employee’s health is one of the most important predictors of the company’s health as well. Below are a few samples of the top napping pod styles that several companies are adopting. Wouldn’t you want one of these at your workspace?


EnergyPods by MetroNaps (C-shaped sleep pods)

Its zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations, and a sleek finish make the EnergyPod one of the most popular sleep pods in the market.


Pods by Podtime

Sleep pods by Podtime feature strong modular construction, solid lockable doors, and a spacious personal environment to work, sleep or relax undisturbed. Facebook and Nestle are among the companies that have introduced this sleeping pod to their workspace.


InnerSpace by Sleepbox

These are intended to be personal, inner spaces where one can take a breath and reconnect with what’s most important to them. 




All these new-fangled contraptions make you wonder what the sleepscape will look like in the future? Stop wondering and find out: The future of sleep.




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