An arranged love marriage


It was no whirlwind romance. It was no romance at all. When Somya and Jai met they just knew they were meant to be together. They had whizzed up the corporate ladder and were comfortably settled in desirable positions. Marriage was the obvious next step. They saw each other as pieces of a puzzle that made no sense without being connected. So they arranged their own marriage. A marriage of minds.




Love is in the offing

On the day that they tied the knot, the unforeseen happened. The business textured veneer between them vanished. Somewhere between the rituals of their elaborate wedding, their hands and hearts united in tandem. Post the celebrations they found themselves weaving their way through the stragglers, towards Jai’s bedroom.


Somya’s plight

They were insanely happy, basking in the warmth of their newfound bond. But as soon as Somya entered the bedroom she went cold. It was ornately decorated with flowers, and screaming “suhaagraat”. The bed had two pillows and one plush comforter. She felt a flurry of mixed emotions. She wanted to hold fast to the closeness she’d found in her husband but still wasn’t ready to let go of her individual space. She wanted to share a bed with Jai, but not snuggle under one comforter. What was she to do? Hand Jai a pillow and ask him to sleep on the couch?


Somya’s plight turned delight

But this wasn’t a corny Hindi movie. Her tension peaked. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any more awkward, Jai stepped up and rescued her from her plight. He unzipped the comforter and with the flair of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, drew out another comforter from it. That night Somya fell in true love. Not just with her husband but with the Adaptiv Comforter too.


The beauty of the Adaptiv Comforter



The Adaptiv Comforter played hero in Somya and Jai’s love story. Its amazing features warrant it such a role in most bedrooms. After all, it’s the first-of-its-kind comforter-in-comforter. On freezing winter nights you can use one inside the other. When there’s a slight nip in the air, you can snuggle under the light and warm inner layer. On days when the weather is nothing remarkable, we suggest you blast your AC and cozy up under the velvety outer comforter. And if at all you find yourself in Jai or Somya’s shoes, consider using both separately. By the way, it wasn’t long before they started cuddling under the Adaptiv Comforter as a whole. To buy yourself this most comfortable bedding in the world and other luxurious bed essentials visit SleepX.

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