Girls’ night in with the Flexi Pillow

Girls pillow fighting on memory foam mattress

The day Rati moved out of her PG and into her flat, she was stoked enough to do a cartwheel down Carter Road. After the curfews and “no bringing guy friends home” rules, it was like a new lease on life. To boot, she didn’t have to shove Sir Paul McCartney (aka Polly, her cat) under the bed every time her grumpy landlady came waddling in. She felt liberated. So did Polly.


Celebration time

To celebrate her new found freedom she invited her best friend from school, Kaamya, over to spend the night. Among the two, Rati was the goofball and Kaamya the livewire. But personality wasn’t the only thing about Kaamya that was big. Her hair was too. Her out-of-control, tight ringlets were enough to give Maggi noodles a run for their money. And this almost pushed Rati down the dark abyss of dark circles and puffed up faces.


Rati’s dilemma

Post a few haphazardly made cocktails and a steaming vat full of the latest gossip the girls decided to call it a night. That’s when the night went hic. There were two heads and one pillow. In her hurry to move into the new apartment, Rati had overlooked some essentials – mainly bed essentials. The comedy of errors turned into all kinds of crazy when Kaamya fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow she was sharing with Rati. She flipped and flopped like a fish through half the night pushing Rati off the pillow, in between smacking her face with that tangled mop. Could Rati’s discomfort be the straw that broke the camel’s back and turned friends into foes?


Flexi Pillow to the rescue

Rati was at her wit’s end when it smacked her in the face. Not Kaamya’s hair this time but happy realisation. They weren’t sleeping on just any pillow. Propped under them was the uber-cool Flexi Pillow – the pillow inside a pillow. She gently drew the pillow from under Kaamya, unzipped it and yanked out the inner pillow. She propped the fluffy outer pillow under Kaamya’s head and slept on the firm inner one herself. She was softly snoring in minutes. The girls remained friends for life.


The wonders of Flexi Pillow

Flexi pillow - most comfortable pillow in pillow


Yes, the Flexi Pillow saved the night. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a smashing pillow. To begin with, it comes in three feels. Use one inside the other for a proportionate mix of support & comfort and maximum elevation. Just the inner one for effective firmness and slight elevation. Sleep on just the outer one if luxurious comfort and a flat feel is your thing. But that’s not all. It’s made of ultra-fine cotton that is gentle on the skin. What’s more? Cleaning it is easy as pie. All you have to do is lightly wipe off the stain with an absorbent towel. With all its versatility it isn’t surprising that it saved Rati and Kaamya’s friendship. Imagine what it could do for you. You can buy a Flexi Pillow here.

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