Fragrances that help you sleep

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Aromatherapy to help you sleep

Doesn’t the fragrance of vanilla bring to mind a bakery stocked with fresh, delicious pastries? A whiff of lemon blossoms transport you to a balmy summer afternoon? And the aroma of jasmine take you back to a dewy spring morning? That is because fragrances have the power to trigger memories.


Aromatherapy is all the rage nowadays. It taps into the power of these feel-good fragrances to simulate a happier, calmer mood and change the state-of-mind of a person. But there are certain fragrances that do this under their own steam. No, they won’t magically put you to sleep, like a Harry Potter sleep potion. But if you can’t sleep at night they’re a sure-fire way to calm frayed nerves and help you get into a relaxed, sleep-inducing zone. Here are four of these fragrances.



Lavender’s reputation stalks ahead of it. The fragrance is the byword for relaxation. Isn’t it proof enough that lavender essence is often used during meditation?

Try it: before you hit the sack take a warm bath with lavender bath salts or soap. For the lazier-bones, lighting a lavender scented candle should do. Just remember to put it out before you actually fall asleep.



Versatile jasmine. Its scent refreshes and calms you at the same time. Studies suggest jasmine induces sleep in people. And if you have more than sleep on your mind, it’s known to be an aphrodisiac. Ahem!

Try it: dab a little jasmine oil on your bed linen before you head to bed. Or you could spritz some jasmine perfume on a cotton ball and put it inside your pillowcase. And if the pillow inside your case is the SleepX Flexi Pillow there’s nothing like it.



There’s something so buoyant about the fragrance of vanilla. It evokes happy feelings. That itself is enough to soothe your taut mind and lull you into sleep. It’s known to be an anti-depressant to boot.

Try it: vanilla lotions are everywhere, so do as you please with them. Or a massage with vanilla oil before you slumber will do the trick.



A tea sommelier will tell you, this flower isn’t just a pretty face. Its balmy fragrance calms the senses and makes you feel sleepy.

Try it: drink a hot cup of delicious chamomile tea before your snooze time. Also, there are several chamomile-scented oils and creams available in the market. Knock yourself out.


It’s a fact that these fragrances help you sleep but there are also a lot of myths about sleep making the rounds. To know more read our blog post Sleep myths debunked.


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