Do the whole shebang this Independence Day

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Independence day

Watching the Independence Day parade on your TV is the best way to celebrate couch-bound inertia. A celebration for the freedom of our country should pack a punch. So pull out all the stops this Independence Day. Here are some ways to do that.


Watch the PM in action

Red Fort


On the 15th of August, the Prime Minister hoists the Indian flag at the historical Red Fort. If you live in or around Delhi go watch the ceremony. All you need to do this is a valid government identity proof and a few bucks to but the passes. Witnessing this niche moment transpire can be an exalting experience. So go the whole nine yards this year and cut a patriotic figure.


Don the tricolour

Wear something in saffron, white and green. Whether it’s a saree or kurta pyjama, go tiranga. If you’re a regular hipster who lives to turn heads, sport a turban in the three colours. Go to town with it.


Thank a war veteran

Not a kabaddi or sumo veteran. If that’s your jam, do it on another day. But on an occasion that symbolizes every Indian’s love for his country, thank a war veteran. Someone who risks his life every single day so that we live a safe and peaceful one. If you know a war veteran thank him personally, or you could send a letter as a gesture of gratitude.


Binge watch patriotic movies

Everybody loves movie marathons so knock yourself out. Rang De Basanti and Lagaan are at the top of our list. And no, we aren’t particularly biased towards Aamir Khan. He accidentally happens to be in the right movie at the right time. Go in for the likes of Mother India or Shaheed if you’re into classics.


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