Dear women, here’s why you shouldn’t wear bras to bed

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It’s October which also happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While you can show your support by wearing pink we’re calling all the women to ditch the bras in bed. And not without reason. Besides being plain uncomfortable, wearing a bra to bed does you more harm than good. Here are four reasons why.


Sleeping in tight-fitting bras can be toxic

According to Dr Rankin, founder of London Doctors Clinic, wearing a tight-fitting bra to bed restricts the blood flow to the breasts and the surrounding areas, including the muscles and lymph nodes.[1] Moreover, it hinders the passage of lymph to the lymph nodes around the breasts and the armpits. This impedes the ejection of toxic waste products from the body affecting the kidneys, liver and other body parts.[2]


The curse of underwires

Sleeping in a bra with an underwire can cause circulation to suffer. If the underwire is too tight it constricts the pectoral muscle, impairing the circulation of the nerves in the arms. Sports bras, especially ones with tight compression, are also bad for circulation and can damage breast tissue.


Breast fungus. Yikes

Regularly sleeping in a bra can create the moist and warm environment that fungi flourish in. So, as disgusting as it may sound, it is a possibility to reckon with for women who sleep in ill-fitting bras.


Dark spots alert

Bras that are too tight can lead to hyperpigmentation by constantly rubbing against the skin and causing friction. Hyperpigmentation is the complex word for dark spots, discolouration or uneven skin tone. This darkening of the skin occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour, forms deposits in the skin.[3]


Pro PJs! Go PJs!

If these reasons aren’t enough to lose the bra in bed, here’s another that rebuts the fact that wearing bras to bed keeps the figure perky. While lying down, there is no gravitational pull on the breasts. So the question of sagging is irrelevant. By the end of this blog post, if the scales have sufficiently tipped for you, lose the bra in bed and go with just the PJs. They offer an uber level of comfort and help you sleep better.


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