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Memory foam Fusion Mattress

Sarah is a dreamer. She writes short stories for a living and imagines being every one of her heroines. Her world is rainbow tinted and filled with romantic notions. To her a butterfly fluttering by is poetry in motion (poetry spans across moths, crickets and grasshoppers too). Every month on her payday she buys herself a reason to celebrate. Sometimes something she needs and at others something bizarre to add to her collection of meaningless nothings.


A reason to make a night of it

Four days back it was her payday and on a whim, she decided to buy the Fusion Mattress – a memory foam mattress in a box. It had come in this morning and she’d set it up on her bed frame. It had all been very easy. Now she was back home after a long day at work. All she could think of was passing out on her new mattress. She went and laid down on it. She thought it was the epitome of comfort and loved the plush feel. Sleep vanished, like fog when the sun comes out. She sprang up. She had bought the Fusion Mattress for a reason to celebrate so why wasn’t she celebrating?


A reason to regret?

Girl celebrating on a memory foam mattress


Cut to Sarah sitting on the Fusion Mattress with a glass of wine in her hand. Sade is singing “the sweetest taboo” from her laptop. This is Sarah’s sweet life and though she never needed a reason to celebrate it, she has a few right now. Her independence, her happiness and most of all, the Fusion Mattress. She raises a toast to it and the glass tips spilling the wine all over her new mattress. Will Sarah’s little mishap take the fun out of her night?


A reason to rejoice

Well, it didn’t. ‘Cause it wasn’t any ordinary mattress she was sitting on. It was the amazing Fusion Mattress. It’s easy to clean so no spill or stain can cramp its style. All Sarah had to do was wipe it lightly with an absorbent towel and voila! It was like the spill had never happened. That night Sarah had a great time and by the end of it slept like a baby on her awesome mattress. She woke up refreshed and almost a new version of herself.


A reason(s) to marvel at the Fusion Mattress

You’re probably thinking just because it’s easy to clean doesn’t make it a marvelous mattress. But that part is just the tip of the iceberg. The Fusion Mattress comes with a 100-night return policy besides having a 12-year replacement warranty. It is the combination of the Ace Mattress, and Smart Topper which comes in three different softness variants: firm, medium, and plush. So if you want a firmer or softer feel, you just have to replace the topper. Also, it’s treated with technologies that make it super hygienic and spill-repellent. And like Sarah, if you just need a reason to celebrate, the Fusion Mattress could be that too.

Another great way to celebrate is by taking a balmy vacay with near and dear ones. If you planning one anytime soon don’t forget to read our post 10 ways to sleep tight on a vacation.

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