7 easy-to-make midnight snacks

Woman looking into fridge for midnight snack

You have returned home after a late night out with friends. Dinner was many hours ago, and now you’re hungry again. You want to cook yourself a quick meal without disturbing those who are asleep. If you can relate to this, then congratulations on your kindness. You’re the kind of house-mate that every urban monger needs. In appreciation of your goodwill, we have put together a list of quick no-noise snacks to slake your after-hour munchies.



Ingredients – Unfinished lunch/dinner
Not a recipe for disaster. Eat a little of this, and a little of that. Scavenging your fridge for leftovers is the quietest alternative to relish a late-night meal. Re-heat the food on the gas stove if your microwave is a loud and recurring beeper.


Cheese & Pepper Coffee-Cup Scramble

Ingredients – Eggs, milk, cheddar cheese, tomato, pickled jalapeño, salt and pepper
Whisk together the ingredients in a coffee cup, add salt and pepper to the mix, and microwave for a minute. You have yourself a tactful midnight treat!


Cheese Bread Fry

Ingredients – Bread, ketchup, cheese and salt
Minimum effort, maximum deliciousness. Toss some grated cheese on bread along with ketchup and salt. Heat it on the pan for a bit, and your midnight awesomeness is ready to be ravished.


Miso Tuna Salad

Ingredients – Tuna, mayo, miso, celery, onions, bread crumbs
For the perfect no-carb snack, we present to you the Miso Tuna Salad. Drain a can of tuna, stir with it a bit of mayo, add white miso instead of salt, some celery for the crunch and onion bits for the bite. Throw in a few croutons if your appetite calls for it. Mix thoroughly and season to taste.


Cheese Lemon Rice

Ingredients – Rice, butter, cheese, lemon
Boil the rice and add butter to it. Introduce shredded cheese to the mix, and squeeze a lemon. Add pepper, salt to taste and voila! You have yourself a quick stomach fill.


Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches

Ingredients – Bread, Chocolate, Butter
Another super simple and decadent snack using bread and regular chocolate, or Nutella (if you’re feeling fancy). Toast some bread, add some butter and slather in some chocolate. Accompany this with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and you have yourself a dynamite dessert for the night.


Masala Maggi

‘Nuff said.


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