4 ways to revive your old mattress

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Man fitting a topper on a memory foam mattress

If your mattress looks like it should have a tombstone (instead of pillows) on it you’ve come to the right place. Over time mattresses become saggy. But worry not, we’ve got your back. If the depression in the middle of your mattress feels like it’s going to swallow you whole, then its time you tried out one or more of the following quick-fixes.


Board up your slatted bed frame

To make your sagging mattress feel firmer, place a bed board beneath the mattress. A bed board is typically a slab of plywood or several wooden slats in a canvas cover. It should be the exact size of your mattress. You can make one yourself. But if you’re all thumbs at carpentry just buy a bed board.


Flip your mattress

Revive your old mattress without spending a dime. Flip it over. Essentially, you need to flip your mattress every once in six months to avoid the impressions that form from sleeping in the same spot every night. But if you haven’t been doing it so far, it’s never too late. Alternately, if you have a pillow top mattress just rotate it 180° and you’re good to go.


Pillow it up

Shove a pillow or as many as needed under your mattress. Yes, we know. Ideally, pillows should be propped on top of your mattress not under it. But since you’re mattress looks like it’s screaming bloody murder, it needs some rescuing. Make sure you place the pillow or pillows right under the indentation. This will make your mattress feel more uniform.


Snap on the Smart Topper

The ideal way to breathe life into a dying mattress is to top it up with SleepX’s Smart Topper. It’s the smartest, cosiest and most hygienic option. Not only does it revive your mattress but enables a healthier life for you. How? Well, the nano-fabric protector on the topper keeps infections and allergies at bay. That’s not all though. The Smart Topper comes in three different feels. So whether you want your mattress to feel firm, or you like that sumptuous cloud-like luxury, or you want something in between, this topper is tailored for you.


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