4 foods to avoid before bedtime

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Man eating food in bed

If you’re staring wide-eyed at the ceiling during bedtime, a big reason for it could be what you ate before bed. Turns out it’s not just devices around you that kill sleep. It’s your nocturnal munchies too. But look no further. We’ve done the headwork for you and come up with a list of the sneaky snacks that are keeping you from that restorative shut-eye.


The darkness in chocolate

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but eating chocolate before bedtime isn’t doing your shut-eye any good. Dark chocolate contains caffeine which stimulates you, stops the body from shutting down and prevents you from entering deeper stages of sleep. So if you love dark chocolate and your sweet tooth just won’t backpedal, try eating it earlier in the night.


Forget the fatty foods

Yes, fatty food like burgers and ice creams give meaning to life. But it’s just as true that they mar your sleep. High-fat foods take longer to digest and keep your body working throughout the night. They cause bloating and indigestion that blights a good night’s rest. So you end up getting fragmented sleep and wake up feeling all groggy and sluggish.


Off the onions

Eating onions does more harm than make your partner skedaddle every time you speak. Having these babies before you hit the sack hampers sleep. Onions cause gas that affects the pressure in your stomach. This can cause acid to enter your throat. Uncomfortable much. Especially if you’re trying to snooze. Also, they are high in insoluble fibre that literally crawls through your digestive system.


No pizza, please

A slice of pizza is like a slice of bliss to the taste buds. But it keeps your tummy busy, which is not the ideal situation for restful sleep. The tomato sauce in the pizza is the usual suspect for acid reflux. But just the greasy toppings, like meat and cheese, are enough to cause heartburn. Not a very pleasant surprise to get when you’re pottering about the land of Nod.


Avoid these foods like a plague and sleep like a cat. But before you do that check out our latest infographic 5 Sleep Apnea signs to watch out for.

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