10 ways to sleep tight on a vacation

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Sleep well on a foreign vacation

Whether you’re in a luxurious hotel room with the most comfortable bedding in the world or crashing at a friend’s place with all the bedroom essentials for a good night’s sleep, snoozing in a new place takes some getting used to. It could be the too-soft pillows or too-fine sheets, or the uncomfortable firmness of an unfamiliar mattress. You find yourself tossing and turning in beds, only to wake up grumpy. Grumpy on a vacation? That’s not right. Here are 10 tips to help you sleep better and make things right.


1) Plan ahead: Reset your watch to your destination’s local time

It takes about a day to recover from travelling through one time zone. If your travel is well planned, with your itinerary well chalked-out, consider resetting your watch to the destination’s local time. Do this a day or two before departing. Plan your sleep/wake pattern around this time, and you will find adjusting a lot easier.


2) Pack smart: Carry an eye mask, earplugs, and other sleep gear

You never know when a hotel might be in the middle of a renovation or whether their neighbourhood dogs play a-cappella through the night. Pack items that will block out unwanted noise and light. Eye-masks, earplugs, and neck-pillow are accessories that can help you sleep through your travels.


3) Get some sun: Sync your body clock

Maintaining good sleep hygiene starts with limiting jet lag. The best way to help your body adjust to a new time zone is to work with the sun. Getting under the sun can help sync your body clock with the new time zone.


4) Go for an evening run

Evening run to sleep better on a vacation


Cram in a small run once you have landed at your destination. Do this a few hours before bedtime. Added exhaustion will curb your night-time excitement thus helping you sleep better.


5) Dine early

Don’t eat too close to bedtime. Digestion requires energy and can lower your quality of sleep.


6) Don’t binge on food or alcohol

While holiday indulgences are tempting, too many calories or too much alcohol close to bedtime can stall your slumber.


9) Carry a familiar scent that relaxes you

For many, scents and fragrances are an important prep before sleep. Moreover, familiarity breeds comfort, thus encouraging better sleep. An overbearing smell, on the other hand, can throw you off and disrupt your sleep.


10) Avoid using electronic devices in bed

Reading social media while lying on mattress


You’ve had a splendid day. Super photos and many uploads. As tempted as you may be, don’t check your notifications in bed. The blue light emitted from our electronic screens notoriously turn off melatonin production, the hormone that encourages sleep. Consequently, lack of melatonin keeps you up.  Read the SleepX blog post Devices around us affect our sleep to know more.


Don’t trade your sleep over silly vices. Getting adequate sleep can make all the difference to your vacation.


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